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“If I had wings I would fly”. You can come close to flying; just go up in an ultra-light aircraft and get a sweeping bird's eye view of the entire Pokhara Valley. It is an exhilarating ride that allows unhindered views of the mountains and the scenic lakes far below.

For those who always dreamed of flying like a bird, here’s your chance. Soar into the blue skies, brush the clouds and get the feeling you can touch the sparkling mountains. It’s a heavenly flight. Ultra-light flights are operated from Pokhara Airport beginning September through June. Easy to operate, Ultra-lights can take off and land on a field or even a dirt road, and in areas where other planes fear to tread. With a limited capacity, it seats only two, a passenger and the pilot. Ultra-lights can fly for hours and ascend to a maximum height of 5000 meters. With its aerodynamic design, it can fly for hours even with the engine shut off. Safety is ensured as the pilots have over 6000 flights under their belt.

Trip Highlights

  • Rewarding experience of flying with the clouds.
  • Bird-eye view of the scenic Himalayas and tranquil lake along with the entire valley of Pokhara.
  • Sightsee the colorful valley of Pokhara from a newer perspective.

Trip Facts

  • Location : Pokhara Airport
  • uration :15 minutes to 90 minutes
  • Time :06:30 am to 03:30 pm
  • Flight Availability :September to June

Trip Overview

Ultralight or microlight aviation is the flying of a lightweight, 1 or a 2-seater fixed-wing aircraft. Many aviation authorities set up definitions of lightweight, slow-flying airplanes that were bound to be subject to minimal regulations because of people looking for affordable powered flight during the late 1970s and the 80s. When you look at some of the prosperous countries in the world, ultralights account for a significant percentage of the global civilian-owned aircraft but in a country like Nepal, it has been used as a form to attract tourists and adventure seekers. The professional ultralight flight started in Nepal in 1997 and is claimed to be the first in South Asia.

Pokhara for a few years now has been one of the only places in Nepal offering ultralight flights. These flights are another medium and offer a unique perspective to experience the full spectrum of the magnificent valley along with the peaks, rivers, and lakes surrounding it. Ultralight is a very light aircraft with no windows and consists of just two seats, for a pilot and a passenger. These two sitters are powered by engines that are powerful enough to take you close to the mountains and for this very reason, tourists are attracted to all that ultralight offers.

These flights are from Pokhara and the flight hours start from sunrise to 11 am and again from 3 pm to sunset. It is a short flight over the city taking you above the Phewa lake, near Sarankot hill, over the Buddha monastery and the south side of the city.   The speed of the ultralights ranges from 50km/hr to 90km/hr with the maximum altitude of 5,000 feet, giving you a panoramic view of the whole Annapurna range with a view of Dhaulagiri, in the distance. The flight is usually an hour long where you get to capture and create your memories with a camera and without a window impairing your and camera’s view.

This is a unique experience giving you a whole new perspective of life itself, from the skies without having to feel like you are tied up in a machine. Although other places in Nepal offer similar flights, Pokhara has this beauty about it that will have you choose it over any other place because of some of the most beautiful peaks surrounding it, the lakes, the lifestyle, Pokhara keeps you tied up and wanting for more of these amazing experiences.

Fly for Fun - US$125 PP

  • Flight Duration-15 minutes
  • Area Covered-Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, Peace Stupa, Seti River, Power House, and many more.
  • Aircraft-Open only

The Glory of Fishtail-US$220 PP

  • Flight Duration-30 minutes
  • Area Covered-Sarangkot, Naudanda Hills, all the way to the foothills of Mt. Fishtail.
  • Aircraft-Both open and closed.

Mountain Sky-US$345 PP

  • Flight Duration-60 minutes
  • Area Covered-Foothills of Mt. Fishtail to the panoramic view of Annapurna Range.
  • Aircraft-Both open and closed.

In the Heart of the Himalayas-US$490 PP

  • Flight Duration-90 minutes
  • Area Covered-Flying in the heart of Annapurna circle and panoramic view of Manaslu and Dhaulagiri Range.
  • Aircraft-Closed only.

Detailed Itinerary

Drive to Pokhara airport, enjoy the Ultra Light Flight & drive back to hotel

- Pick-up from the hotel & drive to the airport. 
- Enjoy the amazing adventure of Ultra Light Flight. 
- Drive back to the hotel.

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