Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing in NepalNepal offers some terrific locations for those who wish to crawl. Gorkha Int'l Travels offers a roster of stone walls. There are dazzling places for those who wish to crawl up vertically cliffs. In Nepal, rock climbing has found increasing popularity among visitors coming to Nepal as well as for the local people. Most of the rock climbing spots are situated to the north and northwest of the Kathmandu valley.

The most important destination for rock climbing in Nepal is Nagarjun forest and Shivapuri Watershed & Wildlife Reserve. Combined with bird watching, you will have an amazing experience of rock climbing in these spots. Nagarjun is a verdant hill located to the northwest of the Swyambhu Stupa and believed to be the place where the famous Buddhist philosopher ‘Nagarjun’ meditated. The cliff here is located inside the Nagarjun forest reserve, suitable for both beginners and wall rats. The limestone rock face is about 12-15 m high and bears the remnants of earlier climbs.

You could always go for a free climb if are experienced enough or use the friendlier chocks. Shivapuri hill situated to the north of Kathmandu has an interesting rock wall. Getting there, you can directly contact us. The cliff can be seen from the distance.

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