Nepal Visa Information

Visa is required. Nepalese Embassies and mission/consulates can issue visa or else, it is easily available on arrival at Kathmandu airport after presentation of a valid passport and also extendable for visitors as required.

  • Free visa for all kind of tourists who visit nepal only for 3 days.
  • Free visa for tourist of SAARC countries and peoples republic of China.
  • Visa Fee:
  • Single Entry USD 30 for 60 days
  • Multiple Entry USD 50 + USD 30

Visa fee will be extended subesquently for 30 days upon payment for USD 30 for a maximum period of 150 days in visa year ( Janaury to December)

Visa can be obtain either on arrival in Nepal or other mission office oboard. One Passport size photo is required.

Airport Custom: All baggage brought will have to pass through Customs Inspection and following items are allowed free of duties per individual tourist. Personal effects, one camera with 12 plates or 5 rolls of film, one bottle of liquor, 200 cigarettes, one tent/reasonable quantity of Equipments for trekking ( Camping)

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