Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking in NepalHurtling down dirt roads on a mountain bike and getting a big thrill out of it is for the hardy and the fittest adventure seekers. And Nepal is just the place for such high spirited people. Beginning right here in the Kathmandu valley, there are endless possibilities for bikers. The dirt trails up and down the valley lead to far flung settlements with great views along the way as the fields are covered in lush green and mountains appear in the distance as you climb to higher elevations. Out of the valley there are terraced hillsides, waterfalls and better views of mountains that loom large in the background. Or if you choose to ride in the mountains, there are serene valleys, pristine glacial lakes and you’re ever so close to the Himalaya. And the ever-smiling people who greet you along the way will warm your hearts enough to make you want to stay. It’s a great way to discover the heart and soul of Nepal. Hard core bikers can go all the way to Tibet. There are many agencies that lead organized trips to most destinations in Nepal as well as to Tibet. The popular destinations around the valley are Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha, Nagarkot and the Kathmandu Valley Rim. Pokhara is fascinating for bike rides with its incredible natural beauty. Each year there are Mountain Biking Championships held in Kathmandu and Pokhara in which many tourists also take part.

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